The End of an Era

It’s really happening. Today confirmed my suspicions. They are growing up.

Today was the end of primary school for my ‘baby’ Berry and the beginning of a new chapter.


It’s been an emotional day for us both, but for different reasons. He’s saying goodbye to some good friends who are leaving to go to different high schools, and I’m reassuring him that as one door closes another opens! I’m sad to leave the lovely nurturing environment of junior school where you build a relationship with just one teacher, for an impersonal high school where multiple teachers barely remember the kids names.


Berry thinks this may work in his favour though; if they don’t remember his name they might not remember his misdemeanours! I think it may too! I will no longer receive the Red Note informing me of an impending detention after a water fight in the toilets!


So going to high school means not everything gets back to mum, is this an opportunity to conceal bad behaviour? Or is it a lesson in personal responsibility? If he’s not accountable to me at the end of the school day, then who is he accountable to? The obvious answer is – himself! That most important person who will regulate his behaviour and choices throughout his life!


Independence, love it or hate it, it’s coming our way!

Re-packaging Mummy!

Mummy, a word full of promise.

mum-baby-love-mummy-not-just-a-nameInspiring, protecting and comforting;  ‘Mummy’ is much more than just a name. Fourteen years ago my baby boy was placed in my arms and a whole new chapter of my life began. My new role as a Mummy was full of promise, I had joined an exclusive group whose knowledge could only be gained through lived experience. For the first time in my life I became an instant ‘expert’! It was strange how quickly I learned things about baby Biscuit that other people didn’t spot; the way his cry changed from hunger to pain, the little noises that meant he needed sleep or wanted cuddles. This was when I realised that I did know more about my own baby than anyone else!

My baby was my world and I was his.

Being a Mummy was like falling in love, but without the worry of whether it was reciprocal! My baby was my world and I was his. Simple. Although at times being Biscuit’s Mummy was fraught with anxiety and challenged me to make tough decisions I loved the role, and discovered Mummy was the name I had always known.

Who is Mummy?

I’m often the inspiring, loving and respected Mummy, but sometimes I’m the grumpy, bored and taken-for-granted Mummy!  I am the one that keeps the balls in the air for our family.  Like a project manager I run the schedules, manage the costs and complete the check lists for the smooth running of Team K. I do get it wrong at times. We go over budget, miss deadlines and have a bumpy ride!  But most of the time it’s what makes me tick.

Being Mummy to Biscuit and Berry has been my most fulfilling, demanding and emotionally satisfying role.

Goodbye Mummy?

This year I had some tough news; the boys decided that they are too old to call me Mummy.

In theory I agreed with them, at 14 and 11 they should start call me Mum.  I remember the sting of being laughed at by some older girls in high school after they overheard me say ‘goodbye Mummy’.

So I moved from Mummy 2 Mum!

First steps on a new journey.

Mummy wordle

Is Mum the same as Mummy?

But that change was more than just a name.

This would be the first step in the long  process of letting go. The boys don’t need so many cuddles, they entertain themselves and seek independence rather than being my little shadow!

So what is my new role as Mum to adolescent boys? I don’t know just yet, and the irony isn’t lost on me when I say it’s like being handed that new-born all over again! I’m the ‘expert’ on my own kids, so I’m just going to have to work it out, the way I did when they were babies!

They still need a listening ear, feeding, protecting, encouraging, soothing, inspiring and the occasional hug (just not in-front of their friends!). It seems like the same stuff Mummy did just delivered in new packaging!

I can do that. I can re-package Mummy and become a Mum of teens!

Have your children stopped calling you Mummy yet? Did the change in name bother you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!