Valentines Day is Dead!

Valentines day

The Antidote to Romance

Are all those public declarations of love on Facebook getting a little too much? If it’s so sweet you can feel the tooth decay setting in then read on, ’cause you need an antidote to romance!

Valentines Day has always passed me by like any other day of the week; I do dishes, go to work, cook an ordinary dinner and go to bed as usual. I don’t receive a card, flowers or lingerie.

I bet you’re thinking that romance is dead for me? That being married for 17 years has finally extinguished that flame. But I’m here to tell you that romance still has a heart-beat, but Valentines day is Dead! RIP.

The Heart Beat of Romance

After 17 years of marriage romance has changed.

Romance is:

  • When he unexpectedly does the dishes and isn’t looking for praise (or sex!)
  • When he buys blueberries just for me
  • When we talk big picture dreams over a bottle of wine
  • When he builds me up with words of love so he can watch me shine

Valentines day is dead because I don’t need a card to tell me what I already know.

Deep Roots

The love we share has deep roots. It has been nurtured through darkness into the light, it has weathered storms, tornadoes and drought. The roots are entangled deep in our unconscious; we feel one another’s emotions before they manifest as words or actions.

That may sound pretty romantic, but it doesn’t always pan out like that!

I can tell a storm cloud has entered my house and cast a shadow over the usual proceedings of dinner, before the storm cloud itself even knows its grumpy! I choose to placate it with tea, listen to its troubles and soothe it with words of comfort. Sometimes it blows over and I’m the only one who felt it pass. Other times, it whistles through the house sending papers flying and emotions swirling like autumn leaves.

I am the calm before storm, he is the sunshine after the rain.

Valentines Day is Everyday

When you know love well  and celebrate it in a myriad of ways, then valentines day is simply another day.

Or maybe it’s everyday.

It’s the snuggles in the morning when you snooze the alarm. It’s the daily check-in on the way home from work. It’s quiet Sunday morning breakfast in the sunshine.

Don’t wait for one day a year to celebrate your love.  Make romance your daily language.

Value the little things that are the heartbeat of love.


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