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Time To Put Yourself First!

I know that Mum’s find it really hard to put themselves first, but that’s what this blog is here to help you achieve.

I have a vision to share with you

You love yourself,  feel passionate about what you do and know your vision for your future

If this isn’t where you are right now, don’t worry! But is it somewhere you’d like to be?

On this website you’ll find words of encouragement, practical tips and opportunities for personal reflection.

It’s All About You!

It’s all about your growth, your vision, your celebration of self!

Put yourself first, in this small corner of the internet! Commit a tiny, miniscule part of the day to YOU – read the blog posts on the website, on Facebook ,  Pinterest, Twitter or in your own personal inbox by subscribing below!

Your Story, Your Identity

This blog is here to inspire you to think creatively, to encourage you to be gentle with yourself and to ignite your passion to live life on your terms.

As a Mum how hard is it to give so much of yourself, whilst holding on to who you are?

Here’s what one Mum had to say about The Narrative of Motherhood:

I am so deeply moved by this post. I have a long way to go before my daughter reaches her teen years, but I often wonder if I’m even going to know who I am at that time.

Growing Up KaterTot

I am a passionate about using my experience as a nurse, teacher and writer to help other Mum’s live life with vision and purpose.

You are never ‘Just a Mum’.

You have always been so much more.

Let me show you Your abundant Self!



Here are a couple of posts to start with:


letting go while holding on to teensThe Narrative of Motherhood; letting go whilst holding on

I’m holding on to the threads that I wove during my years as a Mummy. The long cuddles, the kissed fingers, the laughter and tears that have created a blanket of mothering spun from threads unique to me and my children.



The Junctions of Motherhood; 15 moments that will change your parenting journey change doesnt care if youre ready

Change represents the junction points of motherhood; the moments where your journey together will take a new direction. To plot this journey of change I map backwards; retracing my steps to a certain junction and reflecting on its significance.



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    • Lisa says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by! I remember reading your post about your daughter leaving for college, and thinking how much our life changes as the children grow up and move to independence. I’m just getting little tasters, and adjusting as we go.

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