7 Words A Mum Of Teens Should NEVER Use!

you are too old for cool mumRecently I’ve been given an education in what it’s cool okay to say; some of my usual vocab words are totally off-limits now, attracting eye-rolling, huffing and immediate correction.

Who is imposing this dictionary dictatorship?

My 12 year old son!

The 7 Deadly Sins of Speech (from my 12 year old):

  1. Defo – you can only be definite, not defo!
  2. Cool – it’s not cool to say cool at your age!
  3. Sik – don’t even go there!
  4. Avo – it’s an avocado and no amount of abbreviation will make me eat it!
  5. Devo – you can never be devo, only devastated!
  6. Cute – I’m NEVER cute, nor are my friends or my choices!
  7. Vocab – just stop abbreviating. Now.

So there it is.

The etiquette on how to avoid embarrassing your 12 year old.

My bubble of cool may finally have been burst!

words teens hate hearing mums say

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