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aboutmummy2mumHello. I’m Lisa.

I have been a teacher for four years and a nurse for ten years.

But I’ve been a story teller since I learned to talk.

It’s taken me 43 years of living, loving, connecting and dreaming to find my voice, and create a space to share my story.

Welcome to mummy2mum, my little space on the internet.

This is my story, today.

I have spent the last 12 years fully immersed in my role as Mummy, creating adventures in life with my children and husband by my side.

  • we moved to Australia together
  • we travelled for 3 months together
  • we climbed mountains together
  • we created a home together
  • we learned to sail together

Then I noticed something happening that chilled my heart.

My children needed less of me, but I needed just as much of them.

They didn’t want a Mummy but a Mum, they didn’t want play dates they just wanted to ‘hang-out’, they didn’t want a kiss at school just a pat on the shoulder.

Then finally they changed my name, from Mummy to Mum.

My time as a Mummy was over.

What I Believe, Forever & Always

Parenting, teaching, nursing and writing have connected me with many minds, young and old, at the beginning of their lives and at the end. Here are my beliefs and my truths from those connections:

1. Know yourself;   this is the lens through which you view the world, reflect on your position, motivations, desires and direction. You are unique and your first responsibility in life is to know yourself.

2. Model how you want others to behave; let your behaviours and choices show the world what it looks like to dream, to believe, to visualise, to persist, to resolve conflict, to love and to inspire.

3. Take risks and transform yourself; don’t settle for less, actively seek out change, inspire those around you to do the same. Surround yourself with positivity and believe in the power of your own potential.

I’m here writing today:

  • embracing change
  • taking a risk
  • learning to let go and
  • building an identity beyond Mum.

Join me in that journey; reflecting, connecting and transforming from Mummy 2 Mum.

A Potted History

I started my career as a nurse in London, aspiring to ‘help other people’. At 18 I was shocked to find that nursing was driven by time constraints, rigid routine and hierarchy and  the dreamer in me met her first stumbling block; helping other people wasn’t what I imagined!

I went back to University after qualifying as a Registered Nurse at 22 , searching for a new purpose, and found an old love – literature! Living, breathing and talking books for 3 years was a dream fulfilled, but the wake up call came when creative jobs were scarce and nursing jobs were plentiful!

Taking a gamble I went into Neonatal Intensive Care, it’s not for everyone, but it was for me! High intensity, emotionally challenging work that literally felt like life and death every single day. I thrived, and quickly progressed through the specialist qualifications.

And then joyous news,  I was pregnant!

My son was born in 2000. Biscuit. A huge first baby weighing 4.3kg, to a Mum only 58kg herself! Hungry all the time, but blessed with a peaceful, placid and calm temperament. Motherhood became my new passion.

Returning to nurse sick babies brought a whole new level of challenge it felt as though I had been nursing blind before my children were born. When my eyes were suddenly opened, empathy flooded in, and every baby was my baby.

I left, overwhelmed.

Embracing the life of a stay-at-home Mum, I poured my passion, drive and creativity into raising my children.

Baby number two was born in 2003, another boy Berry. A bright, bubbly rascal, he brought a new dimension to our family; he is the rule breaker, creative thinker authority challenger.

10 Things You Never Knew About Me

  1. I am deeply proud of the student that I believed in when all others had given up. I committed to my vision, and I am deeply touched by note his mother wrote in my Christmas card at the end of the year saying “You have given my son back to me.”
  2. I lived in a caravan as a University student and kept 2 house trained rabbits.
  3. I inspire 22 year 3 student to be kind to one another by writing daily compliments.
  4. I have a degree in English from a Welsh University – if you’re Welsh you’ll see the irony of that!
  5. I met my husband as a crew member on a sailing holiday and I detested him at first sight!
  6. I’m hugely proud that I fought my fear and learnt to sail; I was determined to succeed and after capsizing more times than I care to remember, I did it!
  7. I hid my dirty dishes under the bed, in the oven or anywhere else that concealed them when visitors came round! I still hide things from my visitors (now it’s more likely to be piles of laundry, paper work or dog hair!)
  8. I once went two weeks without washing to see if my body was self cleansing! It wasn’t 🙁
  9. I  am determined to find the good that lies within the heart of all the children I teach.
  10. I am humbled that my poem ‘You’ inspired comfort in desperate times to a dear friend at the funeral of her husband.

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