Words Of Wisdom For Your 16 Year Old Self

teenage  girl mums wisdomDear 16 Year Old Self,

You are beautiful, slim and amazing.

I know you don’t believe this yet, but I want to show you why you should.

Body Talk

That body you constantly criticise, and think hateful thoughts about, looks pretty damn amazing to me! I’d swap my lumps and bumps for yours any day of the week!

If I could share a single piece of advice it would be this;

Stop comparing yourself to other women.

Your body is yours to love, cherish and nurture.

It has the power to bring two amazing people into this world; and they will change your world forever!

Be present in the moment of your 16 year old form and relish all that it can do for you!

Now Lets Talk Boyfriends

I know you’re having fun with your new boyfriend, but he’s got to go!

Those harmless requests that he makes will become a series of toxic controls that will seep into your psyche.

It cannot be a happy relationship if you have to;

  • Ask his permission to see your friends
  • Report back on who you spoke to after a night out
  • Justify why you were speaking to other men
  • Apologise for wearing sexy clothes when he’s not there

If you would only believe that you are worth more than this, you will blossom.

Begin to love yourself more, and you will stop settling for less.

Do you remember that boy you met on the boat? Well, he may have broken your heart last Easter, but he’ll mend it again in a couple of years.

He’ll be back and he’s a keeper!

 Own Your Own Choices

You have 2 fantastic parents, and before you say it, I know they annoy you!

But you’re the first teenager they’ve ever had, that makes you the test subject! Believe me, parents are making it up as they go along!

Do you remember when you were arguing with Mum about sleeping at your boyfriends house? When she said;

Where did I go wrong?

You took that so personally, thinking that she thought you were a disappointment. But she wasn’t seeing you as her failed child. She was blaming your short-comings on herself.

That’s what Mothers do. They love, nurture and hope for the best for their child, but sometimes that child seems to deliberately obstruct that process.

I wish you’d listened to Mum, she had news for you;

Don’t base your self worth of your ability to be desirable to men.

She knew it then, and I know it now.

You’re worth more.

So my lovely 16 year old self, let me leave you with these words of encouragement;

Love wilfully, pursue truth stubbornly and dream wildly but,

know your own heart before giving it to someone else.

With love,



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This post was created in response to a prompt from the Friday Reflections link-up, hosted by Janine Ripper at Reflections from a Redhead and Mackenzie Glanville from Reflections from Me.



  1. Julie Jo Severson says:

    HI. I’m not sure if my comment went through, because I was pulled away before I posted maybe. It was something along the lines of this: If only we could actually send these kinds of letters to our younger selves, like maybe through a time machine. I know I sure could’ve used this letter when I was 16. Wouldn’t that be something.

  2. cathy says:

    Isn’t is amazing what the span of years can do to our hindsight about ourselves? Even at my age, I can remember things that I THOUGHT I knew, and things I thought were important, that from this vantage point just melt away. Good post, and things that I think many 16 yr olds have felt.
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    • Lisa says:

      Isn’t it amazing that we can be so convinced of our views at 16 but have so little life experience? I certainly see much more grey in life now than I ever did then!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Janine, it’s quite hard to actually lay it out on the page for the world to read, but somewhat therapeutic too! Nice to recognise how far you’ve come in some areas and how some battles still rage on!!

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