Dream a Little Dream…

dream-tranquil-reflect-identityOver Christmas my Mum has been staying with me, and it’s been a great opportunity to gather perspective and get back to my roots. I like it when Mum comes, because I get a bit spoilt and indulged as I’m her little girl again! She always brings ‘arrival’ presents and I got a cute sleep set (she has very good taste)! The slogan on the pyjama top reads

“Follow your dreams…”

Sounds like a cute little cliché, but I read it each time I put it on and wonder…what are my dreams? The embroidered dot, dot, dot, at the end of that statement has a lot to answer for! It assumes I can fill that space with my dreams!

With the exception of sleeping, I don’t feel as if I’ve had any dreams of my own for a while. In fact when I think about it, I’ve been too busy to dream at all!

Dreaming inadequately?

When I think of my ‘dreams’ I think they should be larger than life, ethereal visions that inspire, lofty goals that speak of my character and beliefs. I imagine knowing my dreams means knowing who I am and what I want from life.

So you can see why I’ve been feeling a bit inadequate when all I’m dreaming of at the moment is getting five minutes on the computer to write another blog post!

What is a dream anyway?

In reality a dream is a vision, a goal, something just out of reach that tempts you with the possibility of making it real. The quotes for dreaming are highly romanticized, but I like this one by the influential feminist speaker Gloria Steinem:

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Gloria Steinem.

This is the kind of dreaming I do – planning with a dash of imagination thrown in for good measure! I see lots of new possibilities every day, whether it is for exciting school holiday fun with the boys or simply ideas for this blog! The ideas give me a buzz of excitement and a feeling of possibility. So maybe the ‘Follow your dreams…’ directive isn’t so hard after all. When all is said and done, dreaming is simply getting excited about something new and acting upon that feeling to achieve it.

Look at me go! I’ve just achieved my dream today…and you’re reading it!

Keep dreaming little dreams each day.







  1. Susan Hoy says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Lisa – there is a lot of hard work and determination in making dreams a reality – congratulations and wishing you continued success with your blogging.

    • lisakniebe says:

      Thanks Susan, dream are used to generate such romantic misty images, but to make them anything more than that you have to have some grit determination! The dirty side of dreaming haha! I can feel a follow-up post on that one!!

  2. Joy says:

    I loved your definition of ‘planning with a dash of imagination’! That way, dreaming becomes not just an idea that’s out there, but something that we’ve created steps for achieving. This is a great, inspiring, and more active way of looking at dream. But now you’ve got me thinking as well. Yes, being able to keep writing and hitting ‘publish’ would be a great perpetual dream. But I often wonder and ask myself, “what else?”. Hmmm…..

    • lisakniebe says:

      Thank you Joy, sometimes when confronted with the question ‘what are your dreams?’ I get a bit of stage fright and feel like I don’t have any, then I remember the little daily hopes and dreams and they are like stepping stones to the bigger ones!

  3. Lisa says:

    i love this blog. I always think of dreams as being big and sometimes unachievable, like dreaming is a task, but now I realise I’m making little dreams come true all the time, thanks!

    • lisakniebe says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for reading my blog, it’s awesome to hear your feedback! I feel a bit intimidated at times when my dreams need to be big and life changing, but this post helped me to recognise the little dreams that fill my everyday spaces!

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