Floating Without An Anchor To Identity

lose yourself to find yourself

The feeling of losing myself has been a pivotal experience of motherhood. I have lost myself in the love, the wonder and the daily grind of bringing children into the world and making a family.

So consuming is the experience of motherhood that I didn’t even know I had lost myself. It wasn’t until my children found their sense of self outside of me, that I knew I was floating without an anchor to my identity.

I knew that I was the not the same person that had started out on this journey 15 years ago. She is a memory, an echo of me.

As I float in the space between knowing who I was, and finding out who I am, I feel a great sense of anticipation.



Lisa is participating in the Advanced Fitness Mind and Body Transformation program, and finding herself to be stronger and more determined than she knew.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    What a lovely way to look at the journey of motherhood! I admire the sense of anticipation and possibility you express. Sometimes it’s hard to think they way when you’re mired in dirty diapers and legos but I appreciate the reminder! Visiting from #mummyandus

    • Lisa says:

      I agree that the daily grind of parenting young kids doesn’t always lend itself to feeling optimistic about losing ourselves!!There were times during the early years that I felt completely lost; torn between the desire to have an identity outside of Mummy and guilty for feeling that being Mummy wasn’t enough!I wish I had discovered blogging then, as I know that the reflection that is prompted through my writing has provided amazing clarity of purpose for me now.Thanks for your lovely comment Jennifer.

  2. Mackenzie Glanville says:

    what a wonderful way to put it. I realised when Adam started school that I had lost part of me, but through my writing I am finding out more of who I am and who I want to be. Great post, thanks for sharing #mummyandus

    • Lisa says:

      I totally hear you there Trista, for me being a Mum has given me purpose, and helped me to stand strong for what I believe in. But the experience of being a Mum is changing for me as my boys move towards independence. This has left me with that feeling of space, no longer needed as a full time Mum, but changed by the experience of motherhood, reflecting on what next…

    • Lisa says:

      I feel deeply changed by the experience of nurturing my children, and although I struggle with the thought of moving on to the next stage of their independence, I also feel excited by the doors that are opening as a result of this new found growth!

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