Here’s a Simple Writing Exercise that Helps you Discover your Why.

how to write a bio poem

A bio poem is a great way to get creative about YOU!

When I’m trying to find my focus and tap into the deeper motivations that drive my dreams, it helps to have some simple prompts. This is why I love writing a Bio Poem.

Since starting my new business as a copywriter at Stella Polaris I’ve had to become very attuned with my why. It’s important to know what your motivations are and then set goals to achieve those dreams!

Writing a Bio Poem

A bio poem is a simple way to share your hopes and fears, dreams and desires using sentence starters as prompts. As a teacher I always used a bio poem with a new class at the start of the year; it was a great way to get to know students. I’ve adapted the bio poem format here for myself, and increased the number of lines. But it’s flexible and you can change what you like!

It’s hard to write about yourself, so this poem is perfect as it provides creative prompts to get you thinking. Don’t forget to download the template to create your own!

Here’s my Bio Poem


Mother, wife, sister, friend.

Enthusiastic, intuitive and excitable.

Wishes for a self-cleaning house!

Dreams of living on the ocean,

Loves snuggles whilst listening to the rain.

Fears a boring life,

Is afraid of water slides!

Believes in gut feeling.

Wonders if she’ll ever win Monopoly?

Hopes to be the guiding light of content creation.

Plans to improve women’s health through the written word.

Nurse, teacher, copywriter, blogger,

Stella Polaris.

Brainstorming Your Bio Poem

I always brainstorm lots of possible answers before I commit to the one I will use. I could probably add a new answer everyday depending on how I’m feeling! The format below is the one I use to generate my ideas. Once you have some words and phrases to work with, start arranging them in sentences using my example above.

Use this handy PDF to print your own template.

Write Your Own Bio Poem



Your name
3-4 personal roles you have e.g. mother, wife, friend
 Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, confidante
Words that describe your character traits
 Excitable, changeable, enthusiastic, creative, intuitive, talkative, friendly
What do you wish for?
 Dogs that don’t drop fur! A thermomix. A self cleaning house!
What or who do you love?
Children, family, husband. Snuggles in front of a movie when it’s raining
What do you fear?
 Spiders, loss, boredom, repetition
What are you afraid of?
 Heights, bungee jumping, kids leaving home
What do you believe in?
 Karma, gut feeling, leading by example, love
What do you wonder?
 If my kids will live overseas. If I’ll win monopoly (unlikely)!How long till I’ll be a published author.
What do you hope to achieve?
 To stand out as an amazing wordsmith.To be a guiding light in empowering people to create great content.

To spark creativity in others

What are your plans for the future?
To make a difference to the loves of women by writing content that moves them to self awareness.
3-4 professional roles you have e.g. bookkeeper, business owner
 Writer, teacher, nurse, entrepreneur.
Your name or your business name
 Stella Polaris ~ Words that Shine

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