Mapping 16 Years of Change

Do you ever wonder where those extra KGs came from?  I remember a time when I felt great, could fit into a size 10 and wore a bikini, but it’s hard to pin-point when that actually changed.

I often blame pregnancy and think its been all down hill from there in terms of my fluctuating weight. But recently I had a bit of a shock when I created a time line mapping my weight over 16 years!

I was intrigued to see how it panned out historically, and understand what triggers (if any) I could find to explain why I’ve been battling with the scales for all this time. The time line was based on photos, feelings, memorable events (eg my wedding) and  some actual data (old Weight Watchers log books).

weight loss over time

Charting Life’s Changes

When I look at my weight historically, I can see that pregnancy was a huge factor that contributed to my early weight increases, but other peaks in my weight gain occurred around moments of disruption, such as an international move, miscarriage and relationship stress.

It’s easy to see the link between stress and weight gain, but I hadn’t considered the impact my partying had on my weight!! When we moved to Oz in 2005 we set about making friends and having big social gatherings. Each time we moved, (3 interstate & 1 international) we had to start over, and each time the partying begun again with a whole new set of people!

By 2008 you can see I was 10 Kg heavier than when I left the UK!! Much of that is as a result of living in the extremes of life; either having a really good time partying or having a really bad time missing family! Before I created this timeline I would never have realized that my current weight gain stems from this, I was still blaming pregnancy!!

Creating the timeline has been an inspiring activity, as it’s put my current achievements into perspective. I can see a long-term downward trend forming and this has helped to pop some of my negativity bubbles!

Popping The Negativity Bubbles

When I first began my 6 week challenge back in August I was giving myself a hard time about believing I could do it. I was habitually telling myself that I was incapable of change because I’d been stuck at the same weight for as long as I could remember. Well, this timeline certainly cleared that one up; I’ve been all sorts of weights and rarely the same weight!!

I’ve blown another myth out of the water too – the ‘I always put weight back on’ myth! I have proof that I’ve been steadily losing since 2008! That loss wasn’t significant enough to be seen on a weekly basis, and it’s only over a few years that I can see it has happened.

But you know what the most exciting thing of all is? The most recent shift…it’s been 10 years since I was my current weight and that really is something to celebrate (but not too much!)

Talking of Celebrating

The impact of those daily choices add up over time, and just like the slow increase of 10kg after arriving in Oz, now I control the choices that will see the steady decrease; and that does mean no less wine!

The choices I make on an hourly, daily and weekly basis are the little changes that will make the big differences over time. This inspires me to make every choice a good one!

(And if I have a splurge on a piece of cake, then I will make the next choice a better one!)

(As opposed to saying ‘f**k it!’ and eating ice-cream, chips and chocolate after the cake because I might as well trash the day not just the meal!)

Choices…you have the power!!


Lisa is participating in a Mind & Body Transformation program at Advanced Fitness.

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  1. Ingrid Kniebe says:

    I love this blog, I am tempted to try and map out my weight changes to see how they correspond to events over the last 16 years, however I am not sure that I will like what I find!! Possibly entertaining and wine may be responsible for more than I thought !!!
    Another inspiring article Lisa, thanks Ingrid.

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