What To Do When The Scales Don’t Say What You Want To Hear!

When the scales say OMG

This is week 1 on my Mind & Body Transformation Challenge and I’ve felt super motivated to succeed! I’ve been pouring my energy into the belief that I can make a difference because this time I’m addressing mind-set rather than just weight loss.

But the reality is that weight loss is still one of my priority goals and the most tangible way to measure success. A week ago my fitness buddy and I weighed, measured and photographed one another, setting out on our weight loss journey with determination, commitment and solidarity. A week later, we met again and stepped onto the scales.

Now before I tell you the result I need to fill you in on the feelings I’ve had about this impending weigh-in – I’ve been dreading it!!

Why Am I Dreading The Scales?

In the past I would be dreading the scales because I know I’ve not stuck to my plan, however, this week I have stuck to my plan and this makes weighing myself even worse! It’s easy to take a poor result when you have the excuse ‘I’ve eaten terribly’ but much more difficult if you’ve been doing everything you can! I felt more vulnerable than ever!

The verdict on the scales: my buddy had a loss and I gained 100g.  I was  gutted.

Fear Of Failure

My fear of failure reared its ugly head and said ‘I knew you couldn’t do it!’

When the scales say what you don’t want to hear it can derail the whole transformation process,  fueling negative self-talk, leading to comfort eating and then self-loathing! I’m sure that this cycle is familiar!

This week I broke that cycle!

Finding a Way to Break the Cycle of Self Loathing

To break the cycle of self loathing I had to create new emotional patterns.

These are the 5 things I did:

  1. Acknowledge the emotion and release it
  2. Reflect on what is driving the emotion
  3. Get physical right away
  4. Identify the positives & negatives
  5. Plan for next week

I found an understanding shoulder to cry on  and I let out that disappointment with strong safe arms supporting me. And then I reflected – why am I so upset about this?

It didn’t take much soul-searching to know why; it feeds my lie – the lie that whispers – you can’t change, you’ve been here before and you’re here again, you do not have what it takes to make this happen.

The insidious thing about that lie is that it calls on certain truths to prove itself – I have been here before, the only one out of a group of friends failing at the scales each week. And what happens next feels as if it’s already written – my suppressed emotion turns into an angry binge on chips, chocolate and cheese!

So I went straight to Combat, and punched the crap out of that feeling of failure!

Then I started to make a new plan; evaluating the previous week, identifying the positives and negatives, setting out to repeat the positives, eliminate the negatives.

By the end of the morning I wasn’t wallowing in self-pity, I was ready to attack the coming week with conviction!

This is the first time I can remember managing my disappointment without turning to comfort eating!

How do you manage your emotions when the scales say what you don’t want to hear? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.



Further Information:

Lisa is participating in a 6 week Mind & Body Transformation program run by Advanced Fitness.


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