Why PMT is my new BFF!

trickle[1]For a long time I thought that my emotional pre-menstrual week was my enemy.

PMT was the thing that caused me to bite peoples head’s off, cry uncontrollably and take my husband  to task over the  minor details in life! I couldn’t understand how it served any purpose; it put my emotions in the driving seat and I went careening off at top speed through red lights stop signs!

But, just recently I’ve come to welcome PMT as my new BFF.


I have always battled with the dominance of my head over my heart. I am primarily a thinking person, and much of my emotional activity is analysed, rationalised and sanitised before it is unleashed on the world. However, during PMT there is a dominance switch; and I become a bitch speak my mind!

Bring out the Bitch!

PMT  creates an emotional circuit from my heart to my mouth, and that cuts out the crap!

I am guilty of diluting what I really think to ensure that I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, or make anyone angry. I strive for harmony and reconciliation and as a result carefully phrase everything I say to avoid confrontation. So for my family, friends and work colleagues my PMT week is quite a shock!

For example in my family everyone asks me everything, and I don’t just mean my children! My husband is one of the worst offenders!

Where are the sultanas?  What’s for lunch? Where are my pants? Do we have any more milk?

No-one looks before they ask the question, and my husband’s questions are like a running commentary of his thoughts, an internal monologue with volume! The trouble is (and I know I’m my own worst enemy for this) I can’t help but answer! So when he habitually asks ‘where’s the salt?’ the normal response would be ‘middle shelf in front of the oil’. But during PMT week he gets my internal monologue on full-bore:

Why are you asking me stuff you already know! Open your f***ing eyes and find it yourself!

Needless to say harmony and reconciliation can go and take a run-an’-jump!

The things that flare me up during PMT week are the little things that I usually ignore but do grate on my nerves a lot of the time. PMT week gives them an airing, gets them right out there in people’s faces, and gives rise to a healthy release – either a good-old-fashioned slanging match or simply a few choice expletives!

Everyone knows where they stand at the end of PMT week and I’m reset ready for another month of harmony!

How is PMT my BFF…?

Now, an essential quality of any BFF is to provide you with a shoulder to cry on. But my new BFF can do even more than that…

At the moment I am  hurting inside most of the time, but I just don’t feel it yet. That’s because I am watching while cancer destroys the life of someone dear to me. Again.

But I don’t cry. I get down and dirty with the action of assisting in any way I can. Like a moth drawn to the flame, I can’t keep away. And the closer I get the more it burns, and the more my tears dry up.

My BFF knows this, and knows that it’s not good for me to carry unshed tears. She re-opens the connection to my heart so I can find the time to cry. Like the most nurturing friend PMT heightens my emotional response to everything around me, and generates the very tears that soothe the soul.

So I wouldn’t be without her, she keeps me sane (while driving my husband insane)!

PMT is the best friend a girl could have!





  1. Joy says:

    What an interesting perspective, Lisa! That’s a good way of looking at it. (And yes, why doesn’t anyone in our families know how to search for things with their eyes????) P.S. I’m sorry to hear that someone dear to you is battling cancer. It’s brave of you too to help out that way and not be incapacitated. I don’t think I do too well with stresses like that. hmmm…..

    • lisakniebe says:

      Thanks Joy, it’s funny what you get to thinking about during PMT! I used to be a nurse before I had kids and I think I’m instinctively drawn to helping people emotionally wherever I can.

  2. Janine says:

    Woah go you! Use it and work that PMT!

    I must admit I don’t get it too bad. Just a bit low. Its the bloating and irritation that get’s me – it’s like my hearing becomes super-hearing and even the slightest sound of chewing food or something makes me want to stab someone with a fork. Gum chewers need to stay well clear when I’m pms’ing!

  3. Jody James says:

    Such a touching ending, life can be so sad.

    I also have had my run in with the million and one questions this week, noticed only yesterday that there’s about a 30 second interlude before the next one arises, my head was spinning! In the end I refused to answer to the name ‘mum’ until my little Iomie caught on and started calling me Jody!

  4. kamille says:

    Hell yes! Those lazy ‘where’s my brain’ questions send me nuts! Mothers/wives have a boredom threshold too and being asked about location of socks etc etc is BORING!
    Let it all out girl:)

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