Autumn benchYou


You are the anchor that holds me tight

When I am adrift in the night.

Your are the harbour that shelters me,

When the storm rages, it’s you I see.

You are the light that pierces the dull day

My inspiration to find a way.

You are the warmth that curls over my skin,

Calming the tension that tightens within.

You are the roots that spread far from the tree,

Steadfast and strong, holding me.

You are the earth, moon and stars of my world,

Side by side out lives have unfurled.

You are the silence that is all around,

Filled with beauty waiting to be found.

The story behind this poem:

I wrote this while I was travelling in the Northern Territory in Australia in 2014. I had just received the devastating news that my friend’s husband had been diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. When I thought of them, I thought of his strength and how he was her rock; I couldn’t imagine how she would be strong enough to cope with the thought of losing him. As their journey progressed this poem took on a new significance, as she found courage and strength to become the ‘harbour’ that sheltered him.

He lost the fight with cancer on Saturday 28th March 2015. Rest in Peace my friend.

In loving memory of Gary Purmalis.


    • lisakniebe says:

      Hi Jenny, it’s a humbling experience to see such transformation through tragedy. She’s proved to herself she’s a survivor and this may give her the courage to allow herself to fall apart, because she knows she will pick the pieces up again. xx

    • lisakniebe says:

      Thank you Mac, this poem has a very poignant story behind it. My closest friend’s husband was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer last July, and I began this poem thinking of him and all that he meant to her. As their story unfolded their roles reversed and she became the ‘You’ of this poem for him. They are in the last days of that journey now, and it seemed a fitting time to complete and publish this tribute to their love.

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