Zombie Mum!



‘Mum where would you go if there was a Zombie invasion?’

Berry asked me this out of the blue last week. The ‘Mum Brain’ kicked into gear and I ran through a few options for responses: –

  1. Reassure Berry that there’s no such thing as Zombies
  2. Ask him why he’s asking
  3. Tell him where I’d go

Option 1 seemed irrelevant to the question, which was hypothetical, option 2 can be saved for later and option 3 is much more fun, so I went with it!


Escaping a Zombie Apocalypse

‘I’d get a massive yacht and sail away from all land and stay self-sufficient until it was all over! Can zombies swim though?’

‘They might be able to walk under water,’ Berry informed me seriously. And that’s when I opted for response number 1 – ‘You know there’s no such thing as Zombies don’t you?’

Well it turns out that there could be. And I suppose that I have told him that anything is possible!

But regardless of the fact that I recounted to him that there has never, in all of history, been a case of the living dead eating people, he still holds to the possibility! Quoting Ebola as an example, he thinks that a disease-causing Zombie like symptoms could lead to mass infection and invasion (although I was at pains to add that victims of Ebola do not eat each other!)!

Oh dear…I thought watching Zombie Land may have been a mistake!


So If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them!

When are zombies most scary? When they’re chasing you! But what if the tables were turned?

It just so happens that my gentle, kind mother, who has spent her entire adult life terrified of the memory of a Zombie movie my Dad took her to in her 20’s, arrived from the Uk with some gifts yesterday.

And guess what?  She bought Berry Zombie Dice!!

Perfect timing lol!

But…I am here to tell you that they’re great! You are the Zombie, so it’s not remotely scary. The aim is to eat as many brains as possible without getting shot too many times!

I’ve never aspired to be a Zombie, but Zombies-R-Us, so watch your backs (or your brains)!

Merry Christmas from mummy2mum!

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  1. Gill says:

    Ah so true but those scary zombies I managed to stand up to and protect my pregnant daughter (you) in a dream. So I still wouldn’t like to meet them but playing this game as a zombie makes me laugh instead. Well done Lisa but I will keep an eye on your spellings!!!! Love Mum x

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